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Erstwhile Rulers of India


They know Alexander the Great, King Henry, Queen Victoria but should they not know Shivaji, Ashoka, Jhansi ki Rani, Maharana Pratap, Krishnadeva Raya? Want to send your child on a Time-Travelling odyssey learning from the stories of erstwhile rulers of former Indian kingdoms and dynasties from across the country.

What makes a good kingdom a great empire? What differentiates a ruler amongst his / her noble peers to eternal and long-lasting historic significance? This journey is more than a just a story.

  • Children will be taken on an engaging and memorable time-travelling story trail of historical significance, diverse cultures, leadership styles and personal illustrations of erstwhile prominent rulers of India

  • Children will experience and learn about other diverse places, cultures, food habits, etc. through these interesting life stories

  • Children will learn about impactful values and life-skills from the narratives.

  • Available in a series of 5 Sessions with new stories & inspiring learnings in each session.

  • Reflective, interactive and application-based sessions so that the children can practice the learnings and discussions in their daily lives easily.

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What is STOGA? It’s simply a combination of “story-telling and yoga”! Children love good stories right; and isn’t yoga a beautiful way to energize their senses – so why not have a fun and energetic session combining these two together.

  • As children go on a physical adventure by becoming characters, props & places in the story via yoga poses; these sessions introduce & inspire powerful, age-appropriate values and skills in the minds of young children

  • Sessions are designed to engage the body, mind and soul of children

  • Available in a series of 6 Sessions with new stories & values in each session

  • Pioneered by Val-Ed and delivered numerous times, Facilitators are both practitioners & educators of this unique methodology

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Indian and Global Tales


Want to send your child on a story world tour? Experience a treasure-trove of stories based on timeless, wisdom based cultural folk tales from across the world. These tales will take your children on a journey to India (Panchantantra, Jataka, Tenali Rama, Akbar Birbal, Hitopadesha), Middle East (Naseeruddin Hodja), Asia (Chinese, Japanese Fables) and Africa.

  • A magical journey through the unexplored worlds of beautiful stories with and experience their culture, diversity and uniqueness.

  • Children will experience interesting and powerful life lessons & values in a fun, interactive and reflective manner and learn about other diverse cultures and stories.

  • Children will learn about impactful and age appropriate values and life-skills from the narratives.

  • Available in a series of 5 Sessions with new story styles & inspiring learnings in each session

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The Platinum Club


The Platinum Club (TPC) is a custom designed program that helps talented young adults overcome real life challenges of managing Time, Habits, Mindset, Image of Self and Success & Failure through practical, insightful & inspiring stories, activities & conversations with Role Model Educators who have been there & done that

  • TPC touches upon all the aspects of an individual’s life such as emotional, mental, social, physical, psychological and spiritual.

  • This program is a personalized, curative, and inspiring mentorship program specifically designed for children with age appropriate learning content.

  • This program will guide your children to manage their time and efforts effectively, take responsibility for their work and chores, improve their thinking skills and productivity.

  • It will also empower your children to understand success and failure and manage them in a balanced manner.

  • The program will empower your children to focus on their health and well-being with positive habits and a positive attitude towards life.

  • The sessions are reflective, interactive and application based so that the children can practice the learnings and discussions in their daily lives easily.

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The Great Indian Story - Ramayan


If we don’t teach our culture & its wisdom, No one else will. Children can now learn the ancient wisdom of the Ramayana in a fun, engaging story-telling format with simple yet insightful, practical, life lessons applicable in the real world.

They will also learn science behind cultural rituals, practices & beliefs and life learnings related to true love between siblings, parent-child, god & devotee, teacher & student, the destructive power of ego, revenge & jealousy & importance of responsibility in life

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