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Life Lab

A Contemporary Approach to Building Character

“Education that does not build character doesn't mean much”

Only 17% schools have a formal & effective approach to character education. In the 21st Century, Traditional Moral Science & Personality Development Classes delivered through a one size fits all, Motivational lectures & Stories of yesteryear role-models don't address.

They need a balance of Values, Life-Skills, Mindset & Well-being Training to deal with present & future challenges that help them realise their fullest potential. Through insights from latest research, activity & project-based learning, reflective discussions and action-oriented sessions, The Life-Lab Program provides the foundation to students to live a successful, purposeful & righteous life.

Children can experience upto 3 levels of Cultural Intelligence Programs each year. Each Level consists of 15 sessions that are conducted once a week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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